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September 2, 2023

We are Healing Trauma Summit

This annual event hosted by CPTSD Foundation: Bringing together clinicians, coaches, and thought leaders in the area of trauma recovery to help equip and encourage you on your journey. I was honored to be one of their guest speakers this year!

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Recognize C-PTSD

Currently, C-PTSD faces significant challenges in being recognized in the DSM. Despite its prevalence and impact on individuals, this complex disorder remains under-recognized and often misunderstood. The absence of formal recognition can lead to misdiagnoses or inadequate treatment, leaving many survivors without the appropriate care they deserve.


By advocating for C-PTSD to be included in the DSM, we can bring about positive change and benefit all those affected.

We invite you to sign the PETITION if you haven't yet, and invite others to sign! We currently have 10K signatures, and our goal is to have 15K signatures before the end of the day on September 2nd.

Help us reach our goal!

**please do not donate to -- 

Support the Healing & C-PTSD Community

Donations and purchases made by you are essential to maintaining the Healing and C-PTSD, so thank you in advance for considering supporting our community.

This community was born out of a need for connection with people who just get it. It's purpose is to raise awareness for C-PTSD, advocate for those who are suffering, to ensure the DSM recognizes C-PTSD and to make sure you don't feel alone. If this community has helped you, please consider making a donation by buying us a cup of coffee. Your generous donation will help keep this community running. 

Shop our Community E-Library. Here we provide access to affordable e-books to help educate and help create a financially self-sustaining community.All proceeds from book sales go directly back into sustaining the Healing and C-PTSD community, so you can know your purchase made a difference! 

Suffering and healing from complex trauma is a lonely and isolating experience. Our shop allows C-PTSD warriors to have products that make them feel seen, represented, and understood. This shop funds our community and it’s growth and expansion. Your purchase will help keep this community running!  Our goal is to help more survivors and bring more awareness to complex-ptsd.  

Support for FREE. The truth is, The heart of our community resides in the engaging interactions within our comments section. When you resonate with a post, explore the comments for a stream of understanding and support. Or leave a comment yourself! It's where members connect and extend genuine care.

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Reset Minutes:

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Success Becomes Me

Women's Conference

September 20 & 21st

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