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On this page you'll find ways you can submit to our healing and cptsd magazine!

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Upcoming Events + Workshops

Do you have any upcoming programs that our community may be interested in? Submit to be included on our calendar of events

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Poetry, Artwork, Song Submission

Healing Arts is our section that highlights the healing power of being creative. Do you have a piece of poetry, artwork or song that you would like to submit?

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Emotional Support Animals Spotlight

We believe our Emotional Support Animals deserve to be spotlighted, but who doesn't LOVE animals? Submit your animal friend to bring joy to anothers day!

Contributor Intake Form

Fill out the below to the best with as much detail as possible. Please understand that due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, we may not be able to respond to each submission individually. However, if we determine that your application aligns with our needs, we will reach out to you to discuss the next steps. Thank you for your understanding and interest in joining us.

By submitting your application to become a contributing writer to the healing and c-ptsd community, you agree to and are aware of the following:


  • Submitting your application does not guarantee acceptance as a contributing writer.

  • Submitting an article does not guarantee placement in the virtual magazine.

  • If you are brought on to the magazine as a contributing writer, you understand that there will be no financial compensation for your article, and understand you are operating as a volunteer. 

  • If we publish your article(s), you agree to allow Healing and C-PTSD to publish on your behalf, giving you full credit as the author. 

  • We will share your work on our social media accounts, always linking back to the original content on our website. 

  • You understand that once submitted, you release Healing and C-PTSD LLC from any liability, whatsoever in any circumstances. 

  • Any articles you submit to us, must be your own work, which you have written, with any and all outside sources credited properly. You cannot submit work you have not written. We also do not want articles that are created by AI.

  • All images you use in your article must be images that you own fully or are royalty free.

  • You may republish work you have submitted to Healing and C-PTSD, on other websites or resources, as long as credit is given that the article was first published on the healing and c-ptsd virtual magazine, including the original publish date. 

Thanks for submitting!

Email us directly at:

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