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Recommended Books

An essential part of the healing process is educating yourself on your trauma, experiences, and symptoms. One of the best ways to do this is by reading books by prominent trauma researchers, and by those who have endured C-PTSD. As C-PTSD research garners more attention, more books will be available to support us.

As we read more books that would be a great read, we will share them here. If you have a book recommendation you think should be on this list, please share your resource here

One thing to note in the process of educating yourself is to be gentle and compassionate towards yourself. It's okay to need to take breaks from reading "trauma focused" information. It's okay to put down a book for weeks and then pick it up when you feel ready. Do what feels right to you, listen to your body. It can get overwhelming, and THAT's OKAY! I always like to have a light book or funny show that I go to if I am getting overwhelmed or feel like I need a break.




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