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Our Trauma informed Directory is intended to bridge the gap of where and how to find trauma help. 

This will allow those suffering to find the help they need, no matter which part of their healing journey they are on, specifically from trauma-informed providers who will understand their experiences.


Is there something you can offer our community? Fill out our initial intake form below or email

Trauma Informed Therapists
Are you a trauma-informed therapist? Do you specialize in childhood abuse, sexual abuse, or another cause of C-PTSD?

Specialized Trauma Therapies
Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, IFS, CBT, etc. We want to hear from you! Certain modalities can make all the difference in our individual healing journeys.

Trauma Informed Coaches
Are you a Trauma-informed Coach or another specialty that can help our community?

Trauma Survivors Helping Others
Are you a trauma survivor who is now helping others or advocating and bringing awareness? We want to hear from you!

C-PTSD Small Business Owners
Are you a C-PTSD warrior and also run your own business? We are stronger in numbers and our community would love to support you!

Energy Work & Movement
Reiki, Yoga, Akashic Records, EFT, Massage. 
We literally can't have a healing directory without you! 

Do you offer something not mentioned here? We are ALL ears!

Directory Intake Form 

**Please in each section explain a bit more about what you offer and why we should tell our community about you 

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Are you a C-PTSD Warrior?
We created this community for you. Please give us feedback here

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