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We are currently working hard to create resources that will help this community and all those suffering from C-PTSD.


Because everyone's healing journey is completely unique to them, as we finalize our lists, we are asking for your help to provide any resources that you’ve found helpful. Some of our best resources are from other trauma survivors who’ve experienced similar symptoms. 


Please fill out our intake form below. Or email us directly at:

Specific Therapies
Is there a specific type of therapy that has helped you in your healing journey? 

Support Groups
We are actively looking for support groups for our community. If you are part of one or run one, please let us know. 

Products That Help
Have there been any products that have assisted in your healing journey? We want to hear from you!

Books | Education
Are there any books or online educational resources that have been life-changing in your journey? 

Music | Entertainment
What song has been in your ears that understand your trauma or experiences? Maybe a movie or TV Show.

Tell us what has helped you in your journey!

Resource SHARE Form 

**If you are comfortable leaving your email, this will be to open a dialogue between us about these resources, as we may have questions or would like more information on what you have shared. 

Thanks for submitting!

Email us directly at:

Are you a C-PTSD Warrior?
We created this community for you. Please give us feedback here

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