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Even though we’re healing, our hearts are no less deserving, valuable, or beautiful. We see you, and we are here to support you.


That’s what we want our logo to speak to. We’re on a journey to rebuild our spirits and heal our hearts. And isn’t that beautiful?!

HEALING (16).png


Our main healing heart logo is circled with the words Healing and C-PTSD, to remind you that you are always supported by our community. 

You’ll notice that the heart logo is not centered over your heart. This was done on purpose. After all, we don’t fit within the perfect outline of life. We’re different, and we want you to remember that and represent your healing journey with pride. 


Above all else, we hope that when you wear one of our shirts or carry one of our totes, that you remember how brave, beautiful, and worthy of love you are, and that you are never alone on your healing journey.


Our healing heart logo comes in different colors to match the vibrant diversity of our community, so you can choose the color nearest and dearest to your own heart.

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