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Are you a survivor of complex trauma, ready to seize control of your healing journey and embark on a path to establish healthy boundaries? Your search ends here, as we present "Boundaries 101: A Guide for Complex Trauma Survivors."


Discover the significance of boundaries in your journey - these essential tools empower you to reclaim your life, rediscover your sense of self, and awaken the power within you. This eBook is your guiding star through the often challenging yet profoundly rewarding journey of boundary development.


But that's not all; we've gone the extra mile. In addition to the rich theory, "Boundaries 101" includes a valuable workbook, designed to help you explore your personal relationship with boundaries. This workbook is a treasure trove of practical prompts that assist you in identifying triggers, navigating boundary challenges, and crafting effective strategies to enhance your connection with boundaries.


Whether you're just setting out on your boundary journey or seeking to deepen your understanding of this vital aspect of self-care, "Boundaries 101" is the ultimate guide. It offers accessible language, practical tips, and techniques that will empower you to reclaim your boundaries and embark on a journey of healing while prioritizing yourself.


The moment to take action is now. Download "Boundaries 101" today and take that first significant step towards healing from trauma. Your journey to self-empowerment begins with this eBook.

Boundaries 101: E-BOOK and WorkBook

  • The key: Increase your Understanding of Boundaries

    Boundaries are crucial tools that can empower you to regain a sense of safety, agency, and control in your life.This ebook is designed to help you, as a survivor of complex trauma, understand, establish, and maintain healthy boundaries as you journey toward healing and recovery.

    The purpose of the Boundaries 101 workbook is to help you gain insight into your own relationship with boundaries. Without awareness of our patterns, we cannot alter them. When we gain an understanding of our reactions, responses, and experiences, we give ourselves the chance to create change.



    49 Page  Boundaries 101: Guide for Complex Trauma Survivors E-Book

    29 Page Exploring Your Boundaries 101 Workbook


    All proceeds from book sales go directly back into sustaining the Healing and C-PTSD community, so you can know your purchase made a difference! 





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