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An essential part of the healing process is creating your own healing lifestyle and figuring out what works best for you and what doesn't. I have been so thankful to have found products that have helped me in my own way that I can use to help me in my complex-ptsd journey. I am well aware that we are all different and some things may help one person, and may not help another, and that's okay. That's why, While this is just a brief start, my hope through our resourcing & collecting is to find resources that help various people, so that there is a better collective of products that help everyone. Share your products with us here. 

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The ReLeafpack has a unique, weighted design, making it the softest, longest-lasting icepack ever.  It's vegan, flexible and truly, a hug for your pain.

HONEST REVIEW: "Obsessed is an understatement. Icepacks have always been my go to for migraines, anxiety/panic attacks, emotional flashbacks and more, so when I found these weighted ice packs with fun designs, I absolutely had to try them.-- I literally can't get enough of the cold hug from these ice packs." 



CalmiGo's patented technology delivers relaxation in moments of anxiousness by adapting your breathing and naturally quieting four senses.

HONEST REVIEW: "I literally don't go anywhere without this. CalmiGo is a great tool to help calm your nervous system. It really helps me calm down when I'm really starting to become overwhelmed, but I also love how using it every day helps organically develop a breath work routine that can really have a major impact in your healing."



Using advanced EEG technology to respond to your mind, heart, and breath, Muse S is a comfy brain sensing headband that helps you understand & track how well you focus, sleep and recharge so you can refocus during the day and recover each night.

HONEST REVIEW: “This device is a game changer for anyone wanting to develop or deepen their meditation practice. I love that there are so many different soundscape options, that makes sure I never get board with my practice!  My meditation practice has improved and I am obsessed that I can actually track my progress!"



CalmCarry® provides tiny micro-current pulses to the PC8 Acupressure point in the hand, which has been scientifically proven to ease anxiety and insomnia. Calmcarry also provides fast relief against nausea, seasickness, and motion sickness in individuals, as the key acupressure point in the hand stimulated by Calmcarry's microcurrent pulses is also responsible for stabilizing and calming the central nervous system.

HONEST REVIEW: “This device is my new favorite companion, I love that I can hold it in my hand & within a few minutes I can already start to feel my system calm down. The other day I was anxious and couldn't sit still, and within 3 minutes I was already able to start focusing on answering emails. I plan on gifting this to everyone in my life!. "


Healing & C-PTSD earns a very small percentage for each product ordered above through this page, at no additional cost to you.  If you are going to purchase one of these products regardless, please consider doing so through this page to help us cover the costs of running the community.

Click on the picture of the item or the Buy button and it will take you directly to the website page. We have also set up discounts for our community to utilize so please take advantage of the promo codes!

DISCLAIMER: I made the choice to include "products we love" prior to contacting any of these companies to see if they would allow any affiliate percentage-- so these are my honest reviews. I personally will not ever share a product that I have not tried myself, or that I do not absolutely love.  When we add more products that are suggested from others in the community, that will be noted in full transparency. 

We appreciate your feedback. If you have anything else to say, please always know you can email us directly at:

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