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Our Podcast/Show is currently accepting applications below for our WAITLIST.

Image by Vika Strawberrika

Survivors Healing Series: Are you a survivor of complex trauma and want a chance to talk about your experiences and help open up the conversation about trauma and c-ptsd? 

Ask a Therapist Series: Are you a trauma therapist or specialist? We are looking for professionals who want to be part of a series where we ask questions from our community directly to the professionals.

C-PTSD Advocacy Series: We are going to be getting vocal about the DSM, APA, and the realities of dysfunction within the mental health system & society. Are you already using your voice to help spread awareness? Do you have a story or unique viewpoint to help us bring light to the changes that need to happen? 

Complex Trauma & Culture series: No more swiping trauma under the rug, instead We are opening up the dialogue of how culture impacts trauma and vice versa. Are you someone who is open to discussing and has experienced complex trauma within a specific culture? Are you someone who is a trauma or culture specialist who can bring an informative viewpoint to the table?

Other: Is there something that isn't mentioned here, but you think would make for a great series on our show? Please let us know! 

Which Series are you intersted in?

Thanks for submitting!

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