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Healing & C-PTSD is an online Instagram-turned-web community of complex trauma survivors who share experiences, strength, and hope on their healing journeys.  C-PTSD stands for complex post-traumatic stress disorder, which stems from enduring continued and unescapable abuse, most commonly in childhood.


At Healing & C-PTSD, we aim to shatter isolation and shame.  In our weekly Q&A series, our community asks and answers questions that embolden the feeling that we are not alone in our suffering. We know that trauma can feel private and personal, that’s why with this series, we keep everything anonymous. We find through the anonymity, many feel open to share their stories, that might not feel comfortable otherwise.


Trust and connection are hard for those of us with C-PTSD, our goal is to create a place where survivors can feel that, maybe for the first time: It’s safe to connect here.


Understanding the complexities of C-PTSD and finding the necessary resources to recover is one of the most difficult obstacles for trauma survivors. This community was created to develop resources for trauma survivors to gain access to education and tools needed to navigate the long and complicated journey of healing. This community is currently developing a trauma-informed directory, intended to provide a bridge between those suffering and those who can help.


We believe in the power of putting a word to that which harms us.


For many of us, naming our experiences as C-PTSD has been like a beacon of light that shows us our healing potential.


The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) has yet to recognize C-PTSD as a disorder. This leaves many in the dark, unaware of the cause of their suffering, and without a name for it. This leaves survivors confused and isolated as to the cause of their oftentimes unmanageable symptoms. Healing & C-PTSD was born to help advocate for those who are suffering. Through advocacy, we ask the DSM to recognize C-PTSD so that all can find the healing they deserve. If you want to help our fight, click here to sign the petition.


A place that finally represents us.


Suffering and healing from complex trauma is a lonely and isolating experience. Our shop allows C-PTSD warriors to have products that make them feel seen, represented, and understood. This shop funds our community and it’s growth and expansion. Our goal is to help more survivors and bring more awareness to complex-ptsd.  Shop our products here.

Image by Olia Gozha


A community for survivors, by survivors.


This community was created for YOU, a C-PTSD survivor, by a C-PTSD survivor.

Hi, I'm Dani--


I was 32 years old when I was diagnosed with C-PTSD and it was like a light bulb had finally gone off. I would finally learn that all of these things I thought were wrong with me, were actually just symptoms, in response to the massive amounts of trauma that I went through during my life. Realizing I suffer from C-PTSD ignited my healing journey on another level I never knew was possible and ultimately led me to create this community.


Connections through social media showed me quickly and loudly, that I’m not alone, there is nothing wrong with me, and there are people out there who feel exactly as I do. I felt that this was a true gift, but I knew deep in my heart, this gift wasn’t just for me, it was a gift for all complex trauma survivors.


I found hope in what I knew as darkness.


My C-PTSD developed from childhood trauma, but C-PTSD can develop from other instances too. I share my own experiences but also work hard to make sure this community is inclusive. No matter what kind of complex trauma you experienced, we will have resources and information to make sure you don’t feel alone and can better get the help you deserve. If there is something that you feel we haven’t covered, we are only an email away and value your unique input.


The fact that C-PTSD is not recognized by the DSM makes me want to fight even harder to make sure that complex trauma receives the attention it needs. I don’t want you or anyone else to suffer from C-PTSD for years before learning about it, like I did. The sooner we begin dealing with C-PTSD, the sooner we can start healing, but more importantly make the abuse stop.


I am not a mental health professional, nor do I have all the answers. I have a life full of trauma and am giving myself permission to have a voice to help start the difficult conversations that need to be had in regards to complex trauma. While this community is for survivors, it’s also a bridge, for those who can help us receive the answers we are looking for. I myself am still a work in process, but together with this community, I know healing is possible. 


Our experiences don’t define us, they unite us.


Trauma does not discriminate. The effects and long-lasting imprints of trauma don’t discriminate. Trauma can affect everyone, regardless of race, gender identity, age, or sexual preference. With such an already tricky world to navigate, there is something truly special that we get to show up for each other through this community.


Everyone is welcome here.


We hope that this is just the start for our community and our world’s understanding of how complex trauma affects others.


From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful you are here.



A C-PTSD survivor like you,


ps. If you're curious about my experience with C-PTSD and the healing journey, feel free to visit my blog, complex dani, where I open up and share my honest thoughts.

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