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We want to be here for those suffering from C-PTSD. We know this community has the potential to expand and help even more people. We want to ensure that we always hear from the voices of our community and ensure member’s needs are met because we are all in this together. We also know different healing modalities work for different people, and no two people’s trauma or impact from their trauma is exactly the same. There are, however,  similarities in the imprints of trauma and we want to make sure you feel seen.

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The kind messages that we receive telling us how impactful our community is keeps us going. If what we have done here and are continuing to do has helped you and you feel inclined to tell us, we wanted a space for you to know it comes directly to us. These messages are our lifeline on rough days!

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We appreciate your feedback. If you have anything else to say, please always know you can email us directly at:

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