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Community E-Library

Welcome to our Healing and C-PTSD E-library! Here we’ll provide access to affordable e-books to help educate and help create a financially self-sustaining community.

All proceeds from book sales go directly back into sustaining the Healing and C-PTSD community, so you can know your purchase made a difference! Thank you in advance for considering supporting our community.


HCPTSD Nervous system Book .png

In my years studying the effects of trauma and working to heal it, I found that one of the best things we can do is to strengthen our understanding of our bodies.


Polyvagal Theory gave me a way to understand my body’s signals, and to befriend my nervous system. The truth is, for those of us who’ve experienced trauma, it can take a lot of patience and effort to comfort our nervous system so it can let go of its survival response and relax. But it can be done.

This book gives you a comprehensive understanding of:

➤  How our nervous system works

➤  The effects of trauma

➤  Coping tools vs. regulating resources

➤  Polyvagal theory

➤  How to begin healing the nervous system

➤  And more!

Plus a Bonus Workbook to explore your own Nervous System!

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