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Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to understanding your body's signals and befriending your nervous system? Look no further than "Understanding Your Nervous System."


This e-book is the ultimate resource for those seeking to heal from trauma and understand the inner workings of their nervous system. This book provides a detailed overview of how our nervous system works, the effects of trauma on the body, and the tools and techniques we can use to regulate our nervous system and begin the healing process.


At the core of the book is the revolutionary Polyvagal Theory, which provides a framework for understanding how our body's survival response is triggered in times of stress and trauma. By understanding this theory, we can begin to recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in our body, and work to regulate our nervous system through specific exercises and techniques.


In addition to the theory, the e-book also includes a bonus workbook to help readers explore their own nervous system and begin the healing process. This workbook is packed with practical  prompts to help you identify your body's signals, recognize triggers, and develop strategies for regulating your nervous system.


Whether you're just beginning your healing journey or looking to deepen your understanding of the body's response to trauma, "Understanding Your Nervous System" is the ultimate guide. With easy-to-understand language and practical tips and techniques, this e-book will empower you to take control of your healing process and find true comfort and relaxation in your body.


Don't wait, download "Understanding Your Nervous System" today and take the first step towards healing from trauma.


Understanding Nervous System E-BOOK & WorkBook

  • The key: Learning to help your body get out of survival mode.


    This book gives you a comprehensive understanding of:

    ➤ How our nervous system works

    ➤ The effects of trauma

    ➤ Coping tools vs. regulating resources

    ➤ Polyvagal theory

    ➤ How to begin healing the nervous system

    ➤ And more!



    38 Page Understanding your Nervous System E-Book

    12 Page Exploring your Nervous System Workbook


    All proceeds from book sales go directly back into sustaining the Healing and C-PTSD community, so you can know your purchase made a difference! 





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