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Welcome to Healing & C-PTSD:

a community for complex trauma survivors, by complex trauma survivors.

A safe place to discover you are not alone. 

We want to ensure you have an easy experience viewing our website,

so we created this checklist for you to discover all our website has to offer. 

1. Check out About Us page to learn about the community and behind the brand. If you want to read my personal trauma to healing store you can do so on our blog here. 

2. Sign our Petition here!

3. Head over to the What is C-PTSD page, learn about what trauma is, the symptoms of this disorder and more.  We also have articles on here from Pete Walker, who graciously offered these for our community to educate and benefit from his knowledge and research around C-PTSD.


4. Head over to our Directory Page, where we are compiling information for a database that will allow easier access to find trauma-informed therapy, support, and so much more! 


5. Check out our Resources Page. We are working on providing supportive resources for you. If you have a resource that you have found helpful for you in your healing journey, please share it with us!


6. Support our community for just the cost of a cup of coffee! Do you love what this community is all about? Have we been able to help you feel less alone? Feel seen just by our Instagram posts? Think about how many others we can reach through financial support! Every bit helps!


7. Head over to our Shop! We created a ton of amazing products that give voice to our community. All the profits from the shop go back into running this community. When you purchase from us, you support our community, a small business, and a fellow C-PTSD warrior. 


8. Head over to our Feedback page and let us know where we can continue to improve this community!

9. Check out our Book Recommendations and our Products We Love


10. We are currently accepting applications for our upcoming Podcast/Show. If you would like to be part of this, please apply here.


11. Let's get social. If you don't already follow us on Instagram, you can do so here. Or if Facebook is your jam, we are ready to connect! But most importantly, subscribe to our new YouTube Channel so you don't miss out when our new Healing & CPTSD Show is released


12. Make sure you always stay in the know! You'll be the first to know when our Blog, Show, & Healing Courses go live!.

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